11 Tips and Tricks that I use to Blog

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So, I didn’t know this quality of mine that I can express myself very well through writing and that my readers would appreciate my writing.

They gave me the motivation to write and now I don’t want to end this journey.

In this article, you will have some tips that work for me to write any blog.

PS: I can’t guarantee that they will work for you, but you can try and if it brings some change, you can always reach out to me.

So, let us begin.

1)Discover who you are and what things you are interested in! (Very imp).

2) Be a good observer. (helps you to describe yourself most uniquely).

3)Discover which senses of yours are dominating.

Eg: If you express yourself in a better way through speaking, then you can start your own podcasts or make your own videos and upload them on the net.

If you are good at writing, then you can start your own blog.

4) To make your blogs unique and something hatke, you can add your own perspectives or opinions. Through this, your audience will get to know your thought process.

5) Try to reach out to everyone you know and start networking with everyone who belongs to your niche.

6) While writing, I write as if I am talking to my friend and that makes me write my whole blog at once unless it involves any research or technical information.

7) Try to keep the title of your blog catchy.

8) Do proofreading at least 3 times, before publishing your blog post.

9) Ask for feedback from your readers. Let it be positive, negative. Always take negative feedback as your constructive criticism that will help you to grow.

10) Read as much as you can. You only know what you speak. Try to engage yourself more in reading and listening. An average person has only 20000–35000 words of vocabulary. Increase your vocab and try to use them in your blog, through which you can provide your users with some value.

11) The main motto of me writing a blog is from any of the following things:

A. To Inspire

B. To provide Knowledge

C. To celebrate my freedom of speech through writing.

That’s it for now.

Thank you!