Little Things Unobserved

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Hello there,
Excitedly welcoming you all, today I want to share some very basic information that I am sure you must have come across and must not have paid attention to.
So, let’s get started,
I have collected some observations that I come across often and have tried to find the solution:

  1. Why does spicy food make your nose run?
  • Our nose contains tiny hair and a sticky substance called mucus.
  • Spicy food contains chemicals called capsaicin and isothiocyanate.
  • When we eat spicy food, these chemicals travel through our pharynx and reach our noses.
  • Here, the chemicals activate the heat-sensing receptors. Thus causing inflammation and irritation of mucus in our nose.
  • Hence, as a defense mechanism, more mucus is produced in our nose to get rid of these chemicals, thus making our nose run.

2. Why do our eyes glow red in photos?

  • It happens because of the blood vessels in our eyes and pupil.
  • In bright light, the iris contracts making the pupil smaller, thus allowing less light to enter into our eyes.
  • In dark, the iris relaxes making the pupil larger, thus allowing more light to enter and also exposing the blood vessels in our eyes.
  • Hence, when we take a photo in such a dark environment, the flash of the light from the camera floods into our eyes at once.
  • Some of this light gets reflected from our blood vessels to the camera before our iris can contract, making our eyes glow red in photos.

3. Why do we blush?

  • When we are embarrassed, ashamed, or shy, we blush.
  • Blushing is governed by our sympathetic nervous system, its functioning is not under our control.
  • When we are ashamed or shy, it causes immediate stress, and our sympathetic nervous system considers it as a threat.
  • To defend against the threat, this system orders our adrenaline glands to release a hormone called adrenaline, which speeds up our breathing rate.
  • It expands blood vessels so that more oxygen can be reached our body parts. Thus preparing our body for fight or flight.
  • Now, as the blood vessels are very close to our skin surface, they make our face appear red, that is, we blush.

4. Why do our limbs and brain work in opposite coordination?

  • It is because, the nerves that connect the brain to the respective limbs, get crisscrossed at the back portion of the neck.
  • So if we use our left limbs then our right brain is active and vice versa

5. Why do we get angry when we are hungry?

  • When we eat food, it is mostly converted to glucose, this glucose is absorbed by blood and transported to our cells, especially present in our brain.
  • When glucose level drops, our brain perceives it as a life-threatening situation.
  • It gets stressed, thus making us impatient and irritated which eventually leads to anger.

6. Why is yawning contagious?

  • Mirror neurons present in our brains make us copy the actions performed by someone else.
  • Hence, not just a yawn, we catch the vibe of the opposite person very soon.

7. What causes déjà vu?

  • (French term –> “already seen”)
  • Sometimes, when visual information from one of our eyes is transmitted a little late to the brain. So, information from the first eye reaches the brain first.
  • When the information from the other eye reaches the brain a little late.
  • Our brain receives the same information twice. Hence, the situation or the place appears familiar and makes us feel as if we have seen it earlier.

There are many other observations:

  • Why do best thoughts come to us in the shower?
  • Why does sunlight make us sneeze?
  • Why mint tastes cold?

I would love it if you let me know your daily observations related to our bodies.
Also, I will be obliged to have your feedback.
It will help me to improve my writing and presentation skills.

Thank you for your time!