My Journey to the book: Do Epic Shit

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Many people have asked me to give a review of this book. While writing the above title, I realized that I am no one to review such a book which is filled with lessons through all the failures, various experiences that the author has been through. I have just entered my 20s and started making some legit mistakes, who am I to review this book?

I will be sharing how I got to know about this book and my learnings from it.

So, let’s begin…

I will be not lying, I started watching Ankur Sir’s videos just a while ago, that too is because he used to appear many times in the youtube ads, which is/was very annoying. This very emotion, one day made me click on one of his ads, and I went through his youtube channel, realized that he is an entrepreneur, teacher, content writer, mentor, and much more. Saw one video after the other, about investment, cold emailing, the mistakes that he made, his life experiences, and many more. Now, guess what! Earlier out of 100 times, he used to appear 50% of the time on the youtube ads, but now the ratio has increased to 90%. I sometimes feel funny and annoying at the same time, but this time, I try to listen to him and implement stuff.

During mid-December I saw a hype around a yellow-colored book, everyone who is a book-freak in my circle was keeping an Instagram story of pre-booked screenshots of this book. I always used to skip the stories by just observing the book’s color, and reading the title, which once reminded me of Ankur Sir, because in every video, he has a frame that says “Do Epic Shit” behind him, so that struck my mind and I also ended up pre-booking and flexing it on the internet! To be honest, It felt good.

This book is all about the choices you make, by actually knowing and understanding the situation completely and by not ignoring your responsibilities, to grow yourself.

This book also conveys the things you already know, but makes you more aware of it and do some epic shit by implementing those things.

Every page in this book has its own learnings and understanding. I would say that suppose if this book has 290 pages, then you would get 290 different lessons. This book is not specific to any niche, as mentioned above, it is dedicated to all his failures and roadblocks of his. Failures can be of any type, they can happen at any time, in any field and hence, you will go through a variety of mistakes he has done, and to every mistake, drawing unique learning and understanding of his own, which he grew over the years while struggling through different past events has been explained in the most simple and beautiful words.

Just like the title of this book, the content also does not have any filters in terms of sharing his life experiences. Through which you can relate the pages of the book with your version of the experience, which gives a sense of joy to read!

Ankur sir to me is really a great influencer, because sharing about his struggle, lessons of bad days, and putting everything in an optimized manner to make everyone understand and learn, is a godly behavior to me.

The whole book is EPIC but, some of the lessons that hit me hard:

(PS: skip the below section if you are going to read the book and don’t want any suspense to get revealed.)

  • You are what you do. Not what you’ll do.
  • We have just one life. Why live it with just one identity?
  • The pro is the amateur who simply showed up every day.
  • Don’t measure how valuable you are by the way you are treated.
  • Curiosity has created more opportunities than hard work ever will.
  • Targets are the enemy of habits. Don’t set targets. Set habits.
  • Before you assume, try this crazy thing. ASK!
  • If everyone did it, it wouldn’t need to be said.
  • Fear has led to more procrastination than laziness ever will.
  • We are not addicted to things. We are addicted to the emotions that these things generate.
  • If you don’t ask the answer is always no.
  • The distance between ‘I could have’ and ‘I have’ is regret.
  • If you are scared of losing. You have already lost!
  • Compounding is the biggest miracle of life.
  • Do not show up for every argument you are invited to!
  • If you are sharing because you are expecting something in return, it is not sharing. It is a transaction!
  • Others’ success will generate massive self-doubt every morning when you get up. Get up anyway.

I am grateful for your patience and attention to read this article.

Stay Healthy