No Content To Write?

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Often on quora, I have read a question related to blogging that, they are not able to get a topic to write on. Honestly, I also face this problem often and decided to do a study on it and to find out a reason.

I will be sharing my experience and learning below, I hope it can help you in any way.

  • Read! Grasp the news, happenings around you. There are a lot of ideas that are popping up every day and social media is the site (like LinkedIn and Quora) where you can connect to people to discuss some amazing ideas, concepts.
  • Ask! Questioning is the ability that shows curiosity, every human is born with it, that is how you explore things around. But unfortunately, it gets killed somewhere, and we are made to “accept” everything as it is. Thanks to Search engines, that don’t demotivate us for asking even the stupidest questions.
  • Once you have formed a good audience base, keep asking them with a poll, what is the next topic they would like to read. This helps you to get a topic, also your audience gets satisfied that you are including them in the process of writing which gives them a sense of ownness to your blogs. And they will be loyal to you.
  • Search online! What is the current trending topic? Go to Google Trends.
  • If your niche is not specific, then no doubt, you will not run out of topics any day, but if you are blogging specific to a niche, then analyzing how your audience reacts to any of your blogs is very important. Eg: If they are having a doubt, ofc you can answer in the comments, but if the question is deep, then answer them with a blog.

[That shows the continuity or sequence of your previous articles and you can link back to the previous article.

A particular topic can be seen in many different ways. Hence, it is not that one blog should be dedicated to one niche, but a series of blogs can be dedicated to a particular topic, considering different aspects of it.

I.e topic x different angles to view]

  • Have a look at your competitors’ websites. See what they are doing.
  • If you want good backlinks, then analyze, which websites give them a backlink. Once you get it, study which type of articles they are looking for, and ask them for guest posting. That will benefit you in 2 ways. i) You will get a topic to write about. ii) Guest Posting will increase the reach of your website.
  • Keep posting on LinkedIn or any social site that you prefer, about the article that you will publish. That will cue an interest in the reader’s mind and they will not ignore or skip to read your article.
  • At last even, if you run out of topics and you just keep starring at the blinking cursor, then let it be! This is also useful sometimes to write great, informational content, that actually brings motivation/boost to read more, interact with people more, to know about new things, to develop a sense of curiosity.

That’s it for now!

Thank you for your time.